Online congresses

Customised platform

Exclusive domain

Dedicated server

Registration system with username and password

Documentary repository

Unlimited streams

Unlimited participants

Pay-per-attendance and sponsorship system

Forum and online chat


This contracting model has been designed for those organisations that wish to organise thematic congresses with a high number of participants.

Full-Congress allows you to createvirtual congresses with global reach or increase the number of participants in those that are face-to-face.

It allows holding this type of event virtually and privately with all the guarantees and with maximum visibility as it is designed on the corporate parameters of the organisation or of the event itself.

The platform has aspace for the promotion of the event, a space for informative content necessary for disseminating events and digital content to users of the group determined by the client.

As it is proprietary, virtual attendees will be able to register for sessions and panels at their discretion, participate actively through the session chat and receive answers to their questions directly and online.

Full-Congress increases the scope of revenue but not the cost of attendance. Therefore, it is ideal for recruiting virtual sponsors and the income derived from their contributions.

Choose your streaming package


· 1 Remote Producer ·
· 1 Communications Technician ·
· Streaming hardware and software ·
· Presentation boards and chyrons ·
· 1 edited copy of the live stream ·

Set & Remote

· 1 Producer ·
· 1 Supervisor ·
· 1 Communications Technician ·
· Streaming transmission hardware and software ·
· Presentation boards and chyrons ·
· 1 edited copy of the live stream ·
· 2 LED spotlights 50W ·
· 1 Video camera ·
· 1 Micro pencil ·
· 1 Tripod ·
· 1 table microphone ·

Other modules available for hire


Direct (pay per view)

By virtual bank POS
provided by the client

By Paypal

Indirect (GoogleADS/DISPLAY)

Multi-language module

Adaptation of the platform to
multilingual structure*

*Languages with Latin roots